Kraft paper is a mainly one-sided smooth, ribbed and high-quality packaging paper that is usually made from 100% sulphate pulps (fresh fibers).

This means that the name says it all with Kraft paper: It offers the highest strength of all packaging papers because it consists to a large extent of primary fibers. The long fresh fibers ensure that the paper has a tear-resistant structure and is of high quality.

Kraft paper is therefore the type of paper with the highest strength for the production of e.g. paper sacks, sandpaper or shopping bags.

It consists of almost 100% cellulose fibers, only starch, alum and glue are added to achieve surface effects and increased strength.

The used inner coating consists largely of Green-PE, which means sugar cane, and thus a renewable raw material, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the production process and your very personal CO2 footprint.